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                        WHITE WINE


                                         75ml     250ml     75cl

Jack Rabbit            £3.70    £4.80    £12.50

Sauvignon Blanc - Chile

A fresh and crisp wine with delicious fruity flavours of lime and peach. If you like your Sauvignon Blanc light and zesty, this wine is ideal.

Jack Rabbit            £3.70    £4.80    £12.50

Pinot Grigio - USA

Vibrant dry white wine with crisp citrus notes and flavours of fresh apple.

Serle Noir - Viognier                 £14.00


Lively & powerful nose of apricots, ripe peach and exotic fruits. Refreshing crisp acidity on the palate and a long lingering finish.

Lourensford                               £18.00

Chardonnay - South Africa

Lemon, lime and orange notes with subtle creamy

butterscotch nuances. Perfectly balanced, refreshing, finishes light and creamy.

Laroche Chablis - France             £25.00

Brilliant yellow colour. Crisp, fresh and mineral aromas. Refreshing, smooth and harmonious with notes of apple and pear.

Sancerre Blanc La Cote            £26.00

Blanche Eric - France

The grape variety used is Sauvignon Blanc, meaning that Sancerre is light and refreshing with grassy and gooseberryaromas and flavours.

Rosé Wine

Jack Rabbit            £3.70    £4.80    £12.50

White Zinfandel - USA

A lively and fruity White Zinfandel. Reminiscent of fresh Summer pudding.

D'Avento Pinot       £3.80    £4.90    £13.00

Grigio Rosé - Italy

Seducing aromas of strawberry and raspberry, along with a touch of fresh ginger. Vivid and well-defined wine with refreshing acidity.

Bin Taste

  1       1

  2       3

  3       1

  4       1

  5       1

  6       2

  7       5

  8       1

                        RED WINE


                                         75ml     250ml     75cl

Jack Rabbit            £3.70    £4.80    £12.50

Merlot - USA

A lively and supple red wine, with crushed berry fruit aromas and flavours of ripe plums and berries.

Côtes du Rhône      £3.90    £4.95    £14.00

François Bour - France

Vibrant dry white wine with crisp citrus notes and flavours of fresh apple.

Deakin Estate                             £16.00

Shiraz - Australia

Rich with dark berry fruits and plum, the palate is enhanced by the medium tannins and good length.

Fleurie La Cerisaie                    £23.00

Mommessin - France              

Made from the Gamay grape, it is a light, fresh and fruity style of wine with lots of juicy, strawberry flavours.

Castillo de Clavijo                     £25.00

Reserva - Spain

Aromas of red fruit and some pepper. A medium bodied wine with interesting earthy and spicy wood flavours.



Primo Prosecco                          £17.00


Its colour is brilliant pale straw yellow, the bouquet has a delicate floral/fruit quality, slightly savoury and smooth.

Taittinger Brut Reserve             £50.00

Non Vintage    


Dry, light and elegant. Taittinger is famous for the high percentage of Chardonnay in the blend.

Veuve Clicquot                          £65.00

Vintage Reserve - France

Vintage champagne is rich flavoursome and fruity, and Clicquot make one of the best.

Desert Wine         50ml      75cl

Yerring Station                 £2.50   £14.95

Late Harvest Reisling

Luscious honey with freshness of Nashi pear and lemon, complemented by great natural acidity and minerality.

Bin Taste

  9       C

10      B

11      C

12      A

13      E

14      1

15      1

16      1

17      4



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